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Prana Gogia


Namaste! My life has been a living quest about, ‘how does healing and transformation happens’. Is there more to this body than the physical and emotional aspects? How do our awareness, feelings, and intentions help in healing and transformation? I have spent over thirty years researching and studying different traditional healing systems.

I started learning Ayurveda as early as seven. My grandmother taught me about prakurti (constitution) / vikruti (imbalance) / abhiyanga / shirodhara and many therapeutic treatments. My family Ayurvedik Physician in India taught me about doshas and herbal medicines. My Tantrik-teacher of Siddha-Natha Tradition taught me Sankhaya and meditative practices of Sidhha-Tantra lineage. Here in US, I studied with Dr. Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute (NM) and also at The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine (in NY) to integrate various aspects of Ayurveda with clinical practice. I am also certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work by Hugh Milne (Milne Inst.), Hugh taught me the deeper aspects of cranial work by listening and perceiving with Heart using Visionary approach. In 2010, I spent many months in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, Ladakh, and India. I traveled to more than fifty Himalayan Tibetan Monasteries and learned many Tantrik practices that help in transforming mind and benefit in healing.

I have over 20+ years of experience in Ayurvedic therapies in Siddha Tantra tradition. I also have over ten years of leadership experience in leading and managing large teams in creating and executing technology strategies and working along with chief executives of national and multinational companies. In my healing and teaching practice, I integrates Siddha Ayurveda, Craniosacral and Himalayan Shamanism to create a transformative space for healing and benefit of all beings.


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