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Sara Vance is a passionate advocate for nutrition and health–she was overweight as a child and suffered a long list of health complaints. When she found the answer to many of her chronic health issues right at the end of her fork – she knew she had found her calling.

Sara enrolled in the Nutrition program at NHI to get her Nutrition certification. Sara looked forward to class each week – she listened intently and furiously wrote notes while Dr. Steve Schechter and the other guest instructors blew her mind week after week!  Sara hasn’t stopped studying and writing about nutrition and health since.

Sara published her first book The Perfect Metabolism Plan, in March of 2015 – which was the culmination of a couple years of research and experience.  Sara has also contributed articles and healthy recipes to MindBodyGreen, Beaming and Livestrong; and has appeared on eHow, Fox 5 and San Diego Living for over 5 years. She is also a powerfully motivating speaker and has spoken at corporations, elementary schools and events.

For the past several months Sara has been working on an online event called The Metabolism Summit – a free online event featuring 30 of the top experts from around the world. The summit goes live on Feb 1st, and is free to attend until Feb 8th.  If you are interested in promoting the event as an affiliate – sign up here.  It has been a thrilling experience to interview the top doctors, nutritionists, and change-makers in the industry that she has admired and followed for years. And even more thrilling to be able to pass this amazing information on to people to help them change their life – like Sara has been able to change hers!

Sara works with clients, groups and more – you can find her at



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