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Melissa R Brunetti

Certified Nutriton Consultant, Nutritional Therapist and Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition Advisor
Cell Phone: 203-216-5934 Website: Embrace Balanced Health
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My name is Melissa Brunetti. As I searched for natural solutions to my own health challenges– sugar addiction, insomnia, asthma, allergies, hormonal imbalances, restless leg syndrome and fatigue — I discovered a passion for understanding the way in which simple changes to nutrition and life style choices could make profound differences. With my new insights, I am no longer astonished by the connections when by finding root causes, symptoms subside. Embarking on the curative process without understanding the links to your individual systems seems counterintuitive. I have learned that treating the symptom never resulted in long-term resolution.

I am certified in both clinical and sports nutrition.

I have my own private practice, Embrace Balanced Health, located in Westport, CT

I am also the Nutrition Director at Swim Seventy Aquacenter, in Norwalk, CT, working, with youth and adult athletes.

Graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, cum laude. I am a yoga practitioner, avid runner, and fitness enthusiast.

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