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Linda Favreau

Genetic Nutritional Consulting
Work Phone: 949-644-6572 Website: Nutrition and Your Genes
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Linda Favreau, CNC and future HHP graduate in 2016, is specializing in nutritional genetic consulting and is passionate about helping others unlock the root cause behind their acute and chronic illnesses.  Linda founded Nutrition and Your Genes to help communicate her research to help others in the areas of epigenetics and nutrition; better known as nutrigenomics.

She believes in the importance of epigenetics and takes a functional medicine approach with her clients.  Her nutritional programs are ‘bio-individualized for each client; derived from biochemical and physiological knowledge for the purpose of promoting good health while recognizing the individuality of each person.

Her speciality is in genetic variant report interpretations and ‘bio-individualized’ nutritional programs for optimal wellness.  Her findings are based on results from 23 and Me, MTHFR Support, MethylGenetic Nutrition, Dr. Ben Lynch’s Biochemical Pathways, a detailed health history; inclusive of previous and current lab results and personal symptomatology.

Categories: Certified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC)