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Shayna Nechama Naveh CNC

Energy Therapy / Weight Loss & Nutrition Support
Cell Phone: (808) 268-6112 Work Phone: (808) 214-9696 Website: Maui Wellness Group
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After receiving the Reiki master in 2005 I trained in several other energy therapy modalities. Eventually I combined my knowledge of energetic healing with my studies in spirituality and developed my own Therapeutic Energetic Healing modality which I call Source of Healing (c). I have recently been certified by NHI College as a CNC and am working towards certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner. I utilize nutritional consultation, guided visualization, essential oils and sound therapy in my integrated approach to health. My energy therapy combines the practical and theoretical skills I have acquired through study and practice with the intuitive gifts I have been blessed with. My own journey to healing has been long and fraught with challenges including chronic illness and obesity. I am committed to sharing what I have learned and to helping others travel down a quicker road. My BA is in linguistics and I taught ESL both in the US and abroad for over ten years before becoming ill which eventually led me to reinvent myself. I believe that life is a continuum of growth and I look foward to where it takes me next.

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