Certified Massage Therapist

l_massageMassage Therapist (MT) – 500 hrs

We Teach Your Hands To Do Your Heart’s Work™

This 500 hour certificate program develops the necessary skills and experience for the professional Massage Therapist. This program provides in-depth study of specialized massage therapy techniques enabling you to evaluate the client’s condition and apply appropriate individualized massage treatments.

In addition to a wide-range of important therapies, we also provide in-depth training in business practices, including: developing a practice, marketing, legalities, business promotion, client referrals, networking, advertising and other successful business practices. The program prepares the graduate for private practice or positions with spas, salons, estheticians, chiropractors, medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, acupuncture clinics, H.H.P.’s, medical therapists, and healing and wellness centers. It meets the national guidelines for the spa therapy association. It meets the national guidelines for massage therapy associations. The 500-hour Massage Therapist program is the level standard. Our program meets the training requirements of locales and states having 500 hour license standards.

Electives for the 500 hour Massage Therapist Program include any of the classes from Thai Massage, Spa Therapist, Sports Therapist, Lomi-Lomi/Hawaiian Healing Arts, Corrective/Therapeutics or any of our Massage and Bodywork (MT) classes.

This ensures a comprehensive and eclectic training of core classes plus allows you to choose the electives you want.

This flexible program is learner centered offering many opportunities to choose a personal and eclectic direction, which further contributes to your success.

Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Massage Therapist (MT)– 500 hrs.

Program Tuition: $5,675.00