Lomi Lomi Therapist

l_lomilomiLomi-Lomi/Hawaiian Healing Arts Certificate Program

Lomi-Lomi originally know as lomi ka’ ala hoku, “massage journey to the stars”, is an ancient Hawaiian Massage system. It has been passed down from master to student, from one generation to the next. Native Hawaiians believed that all nature is replete with the same energy or spirit which they called aloha ‘aina. This system of massage was kept secret from the West until the 1970’s.

The concepts of unconditional love, grace, beauty and spirituality are inherent in Lomi. Strokes of an elongating nature are used to expand the body. The most distinctive movement of Lomi is a kneading motion done toward the heart using, either, thumb, palms or forearms.  A full range of massage strokes— effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, percussion and kneading— are also used. Special attention is paid to the na ‘au, the lower abdomen, which ancient Hawaiian philosophy considers the center of all emotion and power.

The practitioner will predominantly use the soft part of the forearm coupled with a dancing motion to create the long, gliding strokes intrinsic to Lomi.  Fingertips, hands, knuckles and elbow may also be used.

Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Lomi-Lomi Practitioner.

Program Tuition:

Upon completion of the Lomi-Lomi massage training, you will be awarded a diploma/certificate of completion acknowledging you as a Lomi-Lomi Practitioner. Any or all of the Lomi classes can also be used as electives in any of the 500 hr. license programs-–Massage Therapist, Spa & Massage Therapist, Sports Therapist & Performance Enhancement, in the 1000 hr. HHP for license and in the 4100 hr. NP programs.