New Lecture Series starting Nov. 11, 2020

Boosting Lung, Bronchial, Sinus, Pulmonary Functions

Anti-Virals, Anti-Bacterials, Cleansing, Strengthening with Well-Documented/Researched & Traditionally Used Foods, Herbs, Supplements & Essential Oils.

On Zoom: You can buy access from us anytime. To listen live:
3 WEDNESDAYS: Nov. 11th, 18th, & Dec. 2nd (Skips Nov. 25)
6 – 8 pm PDT

$148/4 sessions
$47/single session

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Note: Because of Covid 19 and the challenges of in-classroom classes, NHI will be doing Zoom classes so that you can purchase and listen to them live and/or listen to them anytime at your convenience.

Weight Loss / Fat Loss – 5/17 Tue Night, 7:00 – 9:55pm
Open to everyone.  3.5 Credits – $49.00 per night.
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Part of the Clinical Nutritionist (CNC)™ & Clinical Master Herbalist (CCMH)™ Certificate Programs

Natural remedies documented to safely and effectively assist weight loss by stimulating fat loss while preserving vital lean muscles. Fat is your metabolically least active tissue and muscle is your metabolically most active tissue. Preserving muscle keeps the metabolism up, protects your heart and other vital muscles, and helps you feel and look better. Specific foods, herbs, supplements, amino acids, essential oils and more will be discussed for fat loss white preserving muscles. Handouts with more than 30 natural remedies included!! Comprehensive.

Antioxidants Herbs + Herbs for Active Lifestyle, Sports & Muscles – 5/18 Wed Night, 7:00-9:55pm
Comprehensive-Open to everyone.  3.5 credits $49.00 per night
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director
Part of Clinical Master Herbology (CCMH)TM, Sports Therapist (S.T.), and Certified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC)™ Programs

Learn how to individualize cardiovascular, aerobics, and weight lifting programs combined with high quality and effective complimentary herbs, herbal formulas, and other natural, safe, effective, legal performance enhancement herbal products. Find out what does and does not work, plus optimal delivery forms, dosages, and more.

Business Development & Marketing – 5/19 Thu Night, 6:30 – 10:00pm, 
Open to everyone, 3.5 Credits, $52.50 per night
Instructor: Kim Konani, HHP, LMT

Required for all 500hr MT, 1,000hr H.H.P. & 4,100hr N.P. Certificate Programs

Learn how to generate many new successful ideas. Specific exercises and techniques-easy to learn and use-will be taught, including brainstorming, successful follow through and development. PRODUCTIVE, experiential and FUN. More new ideas lead to BETTER ideas. Learn mechanisms of effective social media and S.E.O.!! Plus, much more!

Even if people have had a marketing class or had business before, this class is important as it is geared for natural health therapists-including but not limited to Nutritionists, Herbalists, Massage Therapists, Holistic Health Practitioners, Yoga, Aromatherapists, etc!!

Ethics & The Therapist-Boundaries, Transference, Counter-Transference, Spirituality, Sexuality – 5/22 Sunday, 12:00 – 5:40 pm
Open to Everyone, 7 Credits, $91.00,
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Required for all 500 hr MT, 1,000 hr HHP, & 4,100 hr N.P. Programs

Ethics – Creating healthy & productive boundaries. Preventing & dealing with inappropriate advances. Dealing with transference. Understanding/preventing counter-transference. Transformation, spirituality, sexuality & the therapist. Review of Business Laws, + Many Excellent Forms, Business Organization contacts, more.
**Must attend all 3 classes for MT 500 hour credit**

Energetic Vibrational Healing – 5/22 Sun Night 6:00-9:20 pm
Open to Everyone, 4 Credits, $52.50 per night
Instructor: Steve Schechter NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Required for 500 hr MT, 1,000 hr HHP., and 4,100 hr NP programs

Highly Experiential!! Learn the dynamics of energetic healing from awareness of personal processes to aligning with life’s purpose. Using exercises to sense the energy field, or aura, of yourself and others, you progress to perceiving and working with chakras (energy vortexes), clearing energy blocks, and keeping yourself clear in the process. Learn Includes learning to actually see and sense the aura, and visually assessing energy blocks!! Highly experiential!!

Sports & Activity Nutrition, 5/24 – 5/31 -2 Tue Nights, 7:00-9:55pm
Open to Everyone, 7 Credit hours, $91.00
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Part of the full CNC™ Program – Required for Sports Massage Program

For both active people and committed athletes! You will learn the foundational concepts of diet and nutritional supplementation for exercise support and recovery — including protein drinks, pre- and post-workout formulas, supplements, amino acids, essential micronutrients and other activity safe and effective performance enhancing natural products. Then, an in-depth look at sports nutrition for both active people and committed athletes will cover practical approaches for sports nutrition meal plans and supplementation routines. This class is also important for anyone doing potentially straining activity – such as house cleaning, carpentry, etc.! Find out what does and does not work, plus optimal delivery forms, dosages and more!

Hormone Balancing & The Endocrine System, 5/25 – 6/22, 6 Wed Nights, 7:00 – 9:55pm
Open to everyone, 21 Credits. $279 or $49.00 per night
Instructors – Rebecca Monet, CNC, CCMH; Steve Schechter NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Part of CCMH Program, Required for the H.H.P. & N.P. Certificate Programs

Understanding the complex yet vitally important hormone pathways for women and men. Includes Hormonal evaluations, Thyroid, Adrenal Stress, Cortisol, DHEA, Pituitary, and Hypothalamus. Understanding & working with lab tests – blood, urine, and especially saliva for women, men, and children. Detailed review of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Causes of hormonal imbalances and organ/glandular dysfunctions. In depth treatment options include diet/nutrition, supplements, herbs, customized endocrine creams, and other natural remedies for PMS, Menopause, Male Menopause, Prostate, Depression & more. Interesting case studies.

Become a More Impactful Communicator, 6/2 – 6/30, 5 Thu Nights, 7:00 – 9:55pm
Open to Everyone, 17.5 Credits,  $227.50
Instructor: Carl Martin, Business leader, Public Speaker, Professional Musician, Author

Throughout the 5 classes, each student becomes more comfortable with their own voice, while developing ways in which that voice will become more impactful and compelling in all aspects of their life, including when speaking to clients as a Natural Healing Professional. The class includes constant demonstrations and presentations — given and analyzed in a non-judgmental environment. Everyone participates, while layering presentation techniques from one week to the next, incorporating many little known “Tips & Tricks” incorporated by renowned communication experts, public speakers, actors, voice over artists and musicians. At the conclusion of the class, each student realizes a more compelling manner of interacting with everyone – including those in both their personal and professional life.

Immune Boosting Lymph Massage – 6/5 – 6/26, Sun Nights, 6:00-9:15pm, Skips Memorial Weekend
Open to Everyone, 16 Credit Hours, $208
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Required for 500 hr MT and 1000 hr HHP, 4100 hr NP Programs

Very Experiential! Great for preventing or treating colds, flues, cancers, tumors, and many other disorders. Lymphatic drainage massage is recommended by doctors for management of many disorders. Lymph massage stimulates the activity of the lymph nodes, increases the reproductions of lymphocytes, improves body metabolism, stimulates the immune system, promotes balance of internal chemistry, purifies and regenerates tissue. The method of Lymphatic Drainage Massage (L.D.M.) uses light, rhythmic, spiral-like movement to accelerate the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body. All techniques are gentle, slow, and toward the lymph nodes. The LDM is a few millimeters below the skin surface. LDM requires careful training procedure: touch and pressure, rhythm, frequency. Successful Lymph Massage depends on the expertise of the practitioner. Steve uniquely teaches combining lymph massage with different appropriate essential oils for preventing or treating colds, flues, cancers, tumors, and many other disorders. Also, Steve shows special strokes for the thymus gland for thymus production of immune white blood T cells, for bone marrow production of immune white blood B cells, and for spleen stimulation. Additionally, Steve will discuss some of the best herbal extracts available at your favorite health food stores for both the lymph and immune systems. Give and receive treatments each evening!  Awesome amount of information experienced in a short amount of time!

Nutrition & Herbology Case Studies, 6/7 – 6/21, 3 Tue Nights, 7:00-9:55pm
Open to Everyone, 10.5 credits Tuition, $147.00 or $52.50 per night
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Part of the Clinical Nutritionist (CNC)™ & Clinical Master Herbalist (CCMH)™ Certificate Programs

You will practice integrating and individualizing complete nutritional and herbal programs for prevention and treatment in supervised student clinic situation, plus seminar discussions.

NEW SHAMANIC CLASS – Shamanic Medicine Wheel Experience, 6/25/16, 1 Sat, 9:30am to 5:30pm
Open To Everyone, 8 Credits, $104.00
Instructor: Lisa Starr, HHP, Shamanic Drum Medicine Woman

(A Core Class Required for Upcoming Shamanic Program)

Honoring the 7 sacred directions and the 3 worlds.  Exploring the Shamanic world view including the 4 elements.  Creating your medicine bundle or portable altar.  This class is the primary step to prepare you for a practice on a Shamanic path. These teachings are the basic introduction and foundation that will prepare you for a deeper shamanic apprenticeship program of Quero Apache tradition.

Being a Health Therapist – 6/28, 1 Tue Night, 7:00 -9:55pm
Recommended to Everyone, 3.5 Credit hours, $48.00
Instructor: Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Founder-Director

Part of the Certified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC)™, Certified Clinical Master Herbalist (CCMH)™, HHP and NP Programs.

Learn many important aspects of being a health therapist. Includes how to provide your own product line with integrity, how to integrate being a Holistic Health Therapist into your own Spiritual/Religious path, the art of dealing with clients, giving and receiving referrals, building your network, and much more.