Certified Clinical Master Herbalist (CCMH)™

medicinal-herbsCertified Clinical Master Herbalist Certificate Program (CCMH)™ – 200 hrs

“Herbs are nature’s naturally concentrated pharmaceuticals that work simultaneously on physical, emotional, and energetic levels – nature’s green holistic pharmacy” – Steve Schechter, NP, HHP

Our herbal program is one of the strongest in the world, including two of the premier herb instructors in the country. Our NHI Founder Steve Schechter, N.P., H.H.P., and Alison Reid-Bretell, L.Ac., are nationally respected as highly experienced teachers and health practitioners.

This Program will train you in the use of Clinical Herbology for personal growth or for the benefit of others. Clinical Herbology can be practiced alone or in conjunction with the Holistic Health Practitioner license or other therapeutic practices. Those in the fields of medicine, chiropractic, nursing, acupuncture, physical therapy, dentistry, massage, counseling and other healing arts use Clinical Herbology in their existing practices.

Topics Covered:

  • How to purchase quality herbs and herbal products, proper storage, and correct methods of preparation.
  • More than 300 Eastern and Western herbs will be presented, including describing the traditional folk uses of each herb plus modern scientific research documenting their therapeutic effectiveness and safety, and any potential side effects, contraindications, or drug interactions.
  • How to make teas, salves, balms, tinctures, balanced and individualized herbal formulas and other preparations.
  • The energetics of each herb and how it affects specific systems in the body, along with proper adult and child dosages.
  • Highly effective methods of herbal medicine—combining the clinical and scientific with the traditional holistic and energetic approach—will be fully integrated into a system of making balanced and individualized herb formulas.
  • Herbs for cleansing, building/balancing organs, glands, blood, lymph, muscles, nerves, emotions, and other energy systems; for common symptoms; energy tonics; herbal first aid, salves and compresses; developing your herbal intuition; and much more.
  • Several herb walks and adventures are also offered where you will learn how to identify and collect wild, medicinal herbs.
    • The advanced training portion of this program includes Formula Making, Supervised Practicum, Chinese Herbs & Formulas, and more.

 Diploma/ Certificate of Completion: Certified Clinical Master Herbalist (CCMH)™ – 200 hrs

Program Tuition: $2,395.00